Dorset Echo: Concerns community will be ‘trashed’ by thousands of new homes

Good coverage In the Press: Dorset Echo 1st Sept 17:  reporting that PPAC CAMPAIGNERS are fighting plans that could pave the way for thousands of new homes to be built in Purbeck and have accused the district council of “failing to engage fully” with local communities and that questions on the Purbeck Local Plan, the blueprint setting out preferred development sites in Purbeck up until 2033, have gone mostly unanswered.

PPAC chairman Peter Bower is quoted:

“Purbeck District Council (PDC) and its officers are not enabling communities and their residents to shape any development activities or consultation. Officers seem hell bent on developing the area without a mandate from our community.”

National planning guidelines, established in a bid to address the current nationwide housing shortage, call for Purbeck to build an additional 3,080 homes over the next 16 years – on top of the 2,520 already identified. The PPAC has protested against these numbers.The district council’s 2016 consultation on the partial review attracted 3,300 comments, highlighting a range of concerns – including worries about possible new housing at Wool, Wareham, Lytchett Minster and Lytchett Matravers.

As Peter Bower said: “Major issues of economic development, population growth, the nature and extent of affordable housing and environmental constraints to development are not being given an adequate hearing. No progress appears to be made on policies for second homes and truly affordable housing. Residents are angry with inappropriate approaches to the area. Purbeck will be trashed unless the area is adequately defended by our councillors.”

PPAC meeting 17/8/17: Chasing council for answers…

There was a PPAC meeting on Thursday 17th August at which lots of actions were noted.

In summary work is ongoing to identify the housing number target for the Local Plan, and in the meantime PPAC are going to question PDC about the cancelling the Partial Review Advisory Group and transferring its functions to the Policy Group. They will also ask PDC for details of the supposed ‘public engagement’ noted on the PDC July council minutes.

Discussions were held about publicity and fundraising. As a result details of how to contribute will be circulated.

Any ideas for publicity banners to go via the PPAC website Forum pages to Diana Parry by 23.08.17


  1. PPAC meeting – 31.08.17
  2. Purbeck Housing Forum meeting – Community Lands Trusts- 29.08.17
  3. District wide PPAC meeting at Purbeck School Wareham – 20.10.17
  4. Further joint meeting between PPAC, CPRE Poole & Purbeck branch, and the Bridport Group, to be set up for the Autumn

For more information visit

PPAC: Innovative action to claim council tax refund!

Members of the PPAC are taking innovative action to get their message over to Mr S Mackenzie, the Chief Executive of PDC, by asking for a refund of the percentage of the Council Tax that they believe has been wasted on a Planning Department which they feel is ‘unfit for purpose’ and ‘continues to ignore the mandate that it was given this time last year’.

Their blog highlights various examples to support this, such as the withdrawal of the local face to face discussion forums and the move to replace them with a ‘random surveys’.

Please note they are not advocating refusing to pay Council Tax – which, as they say, would be illegal and silly.

Andrew Wilson (from Wool) has posted a copy of his letter and is happy for anyone to download, personalise and post off to PDC. Click here to download the letter. If you do send off a personlised version, can you let PPAC know so that they can let the media know how many people are demanding Council Tax refunds due to the shortcomings of Purbeck District Council.

PPAC Website Discussion Forum

For those of you that want to follow the PPAC discussions on the PDC Local Plans, there is a ‘Forum’ on the website where you can discuss topics of interest with other PPAC members. It’s great advantage is that it avoids ad hoc email groups that can pop up around particular topics of interest.

There is a ‘How To ..’ video to help get you started. Just click the link here to view on YouTube

If you have not visited the website before you can find it at

Pan Purbeck Action Campaign update

As you will know there has been a ‘Pause’ in the development of the Purbeck Local Plan ‘Partial Review’, due to the overwhelming opposition in 2016 to the proposed 3080 homes – in addition to the 2520 already proposed over the next 17 years. There was a lot of talk about ‘involving the public’ and PDC called upon the assistance of the Planning Advisory Service.

PPAC (“Pan Purbeck Action Campaign”) have met with PAS and raised the issue of the flawed calculations used to plan the number of houses needed, which has lead to the current ‘Pause’ as a new method for calculating the demand is identified.

Follow the link to read the latest from PPAC in relation to the Review, the Forums, Housing numbers, etc.