PDC Progress on Local Plan

You will remember that PDC need to review the Purbeck Local Plan which is used to determine planning applications.  This is a requirement of an independent planning inspector and will consider issues such as: locations for new housing, new shopping and employment space and how the area can enable growth whilst continuing to protect the natural environment.

Following the cancellation of the public forums earlier this year, PDC are now seeking approval for a revised approach to consultation and engagement on the preparation of the Local Plan Review, and to seek adoption of an updated Local Development Scheme which sets out the timetable for the preparation of local plan documents.   This request was tabled at the last PDC Council Meeting in July 2017, along with the attached document (some 34 pages) which presents details of the updated Local Plan Review and Local Development Scheme (as at July 2017), the key issues currently identified and some recommendations.

local plan review process


This was the background paper for the PDC Council Meeting 2017:  https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/media/222471/Local-Plan-Review-and-Local-Development-Scheme/pdf/Local_Plan_Review_and_Local_Development_Scheme.pdf