CPRE: North Dorset District Council: 5 year land supply


CPRE’s ‘Protecting Dorset’ team has identified that North Dorset District Council no longer has a 5-year housing supply which seemingly provides opportunities for developers to make applications for housing that are contrary to the Local Plan. As CPRE note, this is indeed grave news – and potentially very damaging for our countryside. The Local Plan was carefully prepared following full consultation and took account of economic, social and environmental considerations in determining housing needs and supply. CPRE is also concerned at the effect of changes at North Dorset District Council, which is in the process of moving to Dorchester and merging with other councils. There has been no planning meeting for 3 months and in the last year, 95% of all applications were dealt with by officers, rather than at public planning meetings, which is most unsatisfactory!

We urge North Dorset CPRE members and all local people to write to government, their MP and Councillors to express their concern.  For more news visit the Dorset CPRE website at http://www.dorset-cpre.org.uk/