New online form to help report crashes on Dorset Highways

There is a new form for reporting collisions to D4U. The Report a collision form is available on and works in the same way as the ‘report a road problem’ form.

D4U already receive road traffic collision data from Dorset Police which includes collisions that result in personal injury.  However, this doesn’t give the complete picture of all incidents on Dorset’s roads.

Crashes reported using this new form will feed into their formal collision site investigation programme, and could inform future works if a road site is found to be in need of improvement.  Although an individual report may not necessarily result in immediate action, it will ensure that they are better informed than we have been in the past.

Please note, if you’re reporting a collision that has resulted in damage and requires immediate attention, such as debris on or obstruction to the highway and/or damage to street furniture,  then this must still be reported on 01305 221020. This will ensure immediate action can be taken to rectify the problem.