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PPAC meeting 17/8/17: Chasing council for answers…

There was a PPAC meeting on Thursday 17th August at which lots of actions were noted.

In summary work is ongoing to identify the housing number target for the Local Plan, and in the meantime PPAC are going to question PDC about the cancelling the Partial Review Advisory Group and transferring its functions to the Policy Group. They will also ask PDC for details of the supposed ‘public engagement’ noted on the PDC July council minutes.

Discussions were held about publicity and fundraising. As a result details of how to contribute will be circulated.

Any ideas for publicity banners to go via the PPAC website Forum pages to Diana Parry by 23.08.17


  1. PPAC meeting – 31.08.17
  2. Purbeck Housing Forum meeting – Community Lands Trusts- 29.08.17
  3. District wide PPAC meeting at Purbeck School Wareham – 20.10.17
  4. Further joint meeting between PPAC, CPRE Poole & Purbeck branch, and the Bridport Group, to be set up for the Autumn

For more information visit https://www.panpurbeck.org.uk/blog