New Gov Planning Consultation: Get your views heard

The Dept for Communities & Local Government has published a new 8-week consultation asking for your comments on:

  • Its proposed approach to calculating local housing needs
  • Statement of common ground
  • Planning for a mix of housing needs
  • Neighbourhood planning
  • Approach to viability assessment
  • Planning fees

The housing White Paper, Fixing our Broken Housing Market,  set out proposals to tackle the housing challenge the country faces. It also stated that further consultation on specific issues would follow.

This new consultation therefore seeks views on a number of proposed changes to planning policy and legislation.    This consultation is open to everyone.  The Government are keen to hear from a wide range of interested parties from across the public and private sectors, as well as from the general public.  If you have any question about the consultation please email:

Deadline for response: 9th November 2017

Consultation responses should be submitted by online survey:

Get involved now.

CPRE speaks out on housing

A new paper published by the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) argues that the Government’s continuing failure to prioritise genuine local housing needs over market demand will perpetuate the housing crisis while wasting precious countryside

CPRE’s Needless Demand analyses the current method that councils use to plan for local housing and what is being built as a result. It finds that ‘housing need’ and ‘housing demand’ are being conflated in planning policy, with the result that sheer numbers matter more than type and tenure of housing

‘Needless Demand’ shows how Government could split need and demand, and so tackle the housing crisis more effectively. It calls for clearer definitions of ‘need’ and ‘demand’ to be applied to planning policy, and for councils to apply them to their housing targets and local plans. For more details read the CPRE Housing Foresight Paper 2017 or pop over to the CPRE website.