DCA training on evidencing for funding for voluntary and community groups

Dorset Community Action (DCA) would like to invite you to attend their next Purbeck area based training event for “Evidencing Need for Funding” which will take place on 26th September 2017.

This two hour ‘Bite Size’ course, led by Dorset Community Action, is aimed at voluntary and community groups looking to develop your evidence of need as an essential part of developing a successful project.

Gathering evidence will help you develop your project or service, support funding applications and demonstrate that your project is needed to address an identified problem. If you do not have good data and information about the need, you will find it almost impossible to design an effective solution.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for new and existing groups who want to develop the skills and tools to evidence need for your project.

What will the course cover?

  • Understanding what evidence of need is and why it is important
  • Understanding what evidence you need to collect
  • Knowing how to go about collecting evidence
  • Using evidence with confidence

Date: Tuesday 26th September 2017, (9.45am registration for 10am start through to 12 noon finish)
Venue: Bovington Charity Park BH20 6NU
Cost: £30 pp for voluntary and community groups, £40 pp for statutory groups
To Register BOOK HERE
Refreshments will be provided.

Further information:- please contact the DCA on 01202 847605 or email

PPAC meeting 17/8/17: Chasing council for answers…

There was a PPAC meeting on Thursday 17th August at which lots of actions were noted.

In summary work is ongoing to identify the housing number target for the Local Plan, and in the meantime PPAC are going to question PDC about the cancelling the Partial Review Advisory Group and transferring its functions to the Policy Group. They will also ask PDC for details of the supposed ‘public engagement’ noted on the PDC July council minutes.

Discussions were held about publicity and fundraising. As a result details of how to contribute will be circulated.

Any ideas for publicity banners to go via the PPAC website Forum pages to Diana Parry by 23.08.17


  1. PPAC meeting – 31.08.17
  2. Purbeck Housing Forum meeting – Community Lands Trusts- 29.08.17
  3. District wide PPAC meeting at Purbeck School Wareham – 20.10.17
  4. Further joint meeting between PPAC, CPRE Poole & Purbeck branch, and the Bridport Group, to be set up for the Autumn

For more information visit https://www.panpurbeck.org.uk/blog

PPAC: Innovative action to claim council tax refund!

Members of the PPAC are taking innovative action to get their message over to Mr S Mackenzie, the Chief Executive of PDC, by asking for a refund of the percentage of the Council Tax that they believe has been wasted on a Planning Department which they feel is ‘unfit for purpose’ and ‘continues to ignore the mandate that it was given this time last year’.

Their blog highlights various examples to support this, such as the withdrawal of the local face to face discussion forums and the move to replace them with a ‘random surveys’.

Please note they are not advocating refusing to pay Council Tax – which, as they say, would be illegal and silly.

Andrew Wilson (from Wool) has posted a copy of his letter and is happy for anyone to download, personalise and post off to PDC. Click here to download the letter. If you do send off a personlised version, can you let PPAC know so that they can let the media know how many people are demanding Council Tax refunds due to the shortcomings of Purbeck District Council.

PPAC Website Discussion Forum

For those of you that want to follow the PPAC discussions on the PDC Local Plans, there is a ‘Forum’ on the website where you can discuss topics of interest with other PPAC members. It’s great advantage is that it avoids ad hoc email groups that can pop up around particular topics of interest.

There is a ‘How To ..’ video to help get you started. Just click the link here to view on YouTube

If you have not visited the website before you can find it at https://www.panpurbeck.org.uk

Pan Purbeck Action Campaign update

As you will know there has been a ‘Pause’ in the development of the Purbeck Local Plan ‘Partial Review’, due to the overwhelming opposition in 2016 to the proposed 3080 homes – in addition to the 2520 already proposed over the next 17 years. There was a lot of talk about ‘involving the public’ and PDC called upon the assistance of the Planning Advisory Service.

PPAC (“Pan Purbeck Action Campaign”) have met with PAS and raised the issue of the flawed calculations used to plan the number of houses needed, which has lead to the current ‘Pause’ as a new method for calculating the demand is identified.

Follow the link to read the latest from PPAC in relation to the Review, the Forums, Housing numbers, etc.

PDC Progress on Local Plan

You will remember that PDC need to review the Purbeck Local Plan which is used to determine planning applications.  This is a requirement of an independent planning inspector and will consider issues such as: locations for new housing, new shopping and employment space and how the area can enable growth whilst continuing to protect the natural environment.

Following the cancellation of the public forums earlier this year, PDC are now seeking approval for a revised approach to consultation and engagement on the preparation of the Local Plan Review, and to seek adoption of an updated Local Development Scheme which sets out the timetable for the preparation of local plan documents.   This request was tabled at the last PDC Council Meeting in July 2017, along with the attached document (some 34 pages) which presents details of the updated Local Plan Review and Local Development Scheme (as at July 2017), the key issues currently identified and some recommendations.

local plan review process


This was the background paper for the PDC Council Meeting 2017:  https://www.dorsetforyou.gov.uk/media/222471/Local-Plan-Review-and-Local-Development-Scheme/pdf/Local_Plan_Review_and_Local_Development_Scheme.pdf

150 homes on Green Belt in Burton, East Staffordshire, finally quashed by Court of Appeal

In this case the developers, ‘Barwood Strategic Land’, wanted to build 150 homes on 15.8 acres of green land which was not identified for development in the Local Plan, arguing that the development was sustainable.

The plan was originally rejected by the borough council because the land was not identified for development in its Local Plan, which acts as a blueprint for development in the area, including where homes and industry should be built. But then in April last year, an independent government planning inspector overturned the council’s ruling, effectively giving Barwood the permission they needed. Following this, the council challenged the inspector’s decision in the High Court and the planning permission was subsequently overturned.

Now, continuing the tale, Barwood have tried to appeal that decision, but three of the country’s most senior judges, sitting at the Court of Appeal, have upheld the council’s decision to refuse the plan.

Lord Justice Lindblom noted that the council had a five-year supply of housing land and that the development conflicted with three Local Plan policies which discouraged further extension of Burton into the countryside.  He also determined that in granting consent, the inspector had mis-applied the National Planning Policy Framework, stating that the inspector’s error went to the heart of his decision and the planning permission had to be quashed.

Councillor Jacqui Jones, deputy leader for planning at the borough council, said: “This has been a long struggle to uphold our Local Plan. We worked hard to develop and adopt a Local Plan and appropriate local planning policies, we spent time and money to make sure that we consulted and listened to residents throughout the borough and we continue to maintain a five-year land supply. This Local Plan should be the basis for planning for our borough going forward and I’m absolutely delighted that the decision made by the council’s planning committee has been upheld by the Court of Appeal.”

For more details see http://www.burtonmail.co.uk/news/burton-news/delight-court-appeal-throws-out-169164

UPDATED: Proposed Temporary Road Closure of RANDALLS HILL, Lytchett Minster

Update 10/08/17:

DCC received objections to the works dates because of the issues it would cause to the school buses. Accordingly they have agreed to re-consult on an earlier date in the school holidays. It is now proposed to close part of RANDALLS HILL, LYTCHETT MINSTER in the vicinity of Randall’s Farm (for a distance of approximately 350 metres) between TUESDAY 29 AUGUST and FRIDAY 01 SEPTEMBER 2017. The closure has been requested to allow Fulcrum Pipelines Limited to lay a new gas connection in the highway to the proposed Chapel and Crematorium.

If you have any concerns about this proposal, please contact John Alford by Friday 18 August 2017.

(original post)

DCC have received an application from Fulcrum Pipelines Limited to close part of RANDALLS HILL, LYTCHETT MINSTER, in the vicinity of Randall’s Farm, for a distance of approximately 350 metres, to allow them to lay a new gas connection in the highway to the proposed Chapel and Crematorium. The road closure is necessary for safety reasons as the works will affect the whole width of the road.    The work is planned to run from Monday 11th to Friday 15th September 2017 (5 days).

Fulcrum Pipelines Limited will be carrying out a letter drop to local residents directly affected by the works and will place information boards on the road, together with Diversion signs using the local road network. The map below shows the extent of the closure and the diversion route.

Whilst the roadworks are not in Lytchett Matravers, the diversions may affect you. If you have any concerns about this proposal, please contact John Alford by Thursday 31 August 2017.

Randalls Hill Closure Sept17

New consultation anticipated on the OAN/SHAM

The Strategic Housing Assessment Methodology that drives the local housing targets

The CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) National Office, has advised that the long-awaited consultations on the OAN/SHMA methodology is due “soon”.   The consultation will last for eight weeks and will lead to a further consultation later in the year on a revised draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

CPRE have been reporting for some time their concerns on the suggested housing need figures (73,000 for Dorset by 2033) produced by the national Strategic Housing Market Assessments (SHMA) methodology. The data is supposed to reflect Objectively Assessed Need (OAN) but the figures do not reflect local housing needs at community or district level.

In addition, they have released two new publications:

Green Belt Under Siege 2017

The annual Green Belt Under Siege report shows that there are now 425,000 houses planned on Green Belt – an increase of 54% on March 2016. It also finds that more than 70% of houses proposed for development are not expected to be ‘affordable’.

Alongside strong protection for the Green Belt, CPRE is calling for more to be done to help councils build, for a focus on brownfield land, and for funding to help build genuinely affordable homes, including on small rural sites.

CPRE guidance on landscape and neighbourhood plans

CPRE has released a new guidance document to help community groups develop strong landscape policies in their Neighbourhood Plans, to influence future development decisions that would affect their local area.

The guidance includes examples of existing neighbourhood planning policies, such as those designed to conserve landscape character, safeguard hedgerows, designate local green space and protect dark skies.

There are two versions: one is an interactive PDF and the other is a printer friendly version.